Solutions to Common Issues while using CAF

Remove Active Domain from your License Key
# Issue : User wants to activate the license on new domain instead of old attached domain. When user does not have access to that old site then need to remove that domain from the license key to activate it on new domain.

# Cause : When you try to activate the license on new site and your limit has been reached to max domains.

# Solution : You just need to Login with your account on official site ( that you created while ordered the product. After that on My Account page, you can check ‘License Manager’ tab and manage your active domains list.

# Note : If you removed your domain from the list then you should easily activate it on new domain.But if it does not give you any error while activating on new domain then it must be a cache issue.

License Does not activate.

# Issue : When user tries to activate the CAF license, click on the ‘Activate’ button and it just reloads the page and nothing happened and user tries again but does not work. It does not even shows any type of error/warning.

# Cause : It happens only because of cache. If you are using any type of cache plugin then this could be the reason behind it. Main reason is the object cache. So when CAF functions tries to activate and fetch some value from database because of cache script returns the old value and it does not work.

# Solution : Please check your Cache plugin and try to clear the cache. Please check object cache and clear it then after that try again to activate the CAF license.

# Note : If you are using and does not seeing any cache option then please contact to support and resolve the issue. Follow this helpful tutorial : How to clear your cache in

PRO plugin does not work/Auto Deactivated
# Issue : After the latest update (2.6.4) to the FREE version CAF PRO plugin deactivate automatically. Frontend does not work/messed view. On the admin when user tries to activate the pro version it gives the admin error notice “The Category Ajax Filter PRO should be updated atleast to 8.6 to run properly. Please update PRO Version now or download latest version from official website”.

# Cause : It happens because you are using the outdated version(Below than 8.6) of PRO plugin that is not compatible with the latest FREE version(above than 2.6).

# Solution : Please update your CAF PRO to the latest version (8.6.3 on 29/7/2022).

# Note : You can easily update the PRO to the latest version from the plugins section of wordpress admin. If you does not see any update notification then try to click the button on ‘Update Check’ if it does not work or does not show anymore then please try to deactivate once and activate again. If you are not able to update the plugin from that button Then you can download the latest version from our official website. Please login to your account then go to your my account and under orders you can find the latest version of the plugin. You can download and then reinstall it.

We are continuously working on the improvement of plugins so please stay updated with us.