Live Demos with most used Plugins

Check All Live demos with most used plugins to build a form in wordpress. It will work with custom made Forms too.

    Contact Form 7

    Contact form 7 is most used plugin for contact forms. This example is to add Country State City List dynamically to Contact form 7. On other side you can check it’s demo. We are using Country State City CF7 plugin to achieve this. We are using multiple dropdowns(country,state,city) to the same form.

    WP Forms

    WP Forms in one of the best plugin for contact forms. Sometimes user wants to add dynamic list of Country State City in WP Forms. Here in this example we are using WP Form with Country State City Dropdown PRO version.

    13 + 12 =

    Divi Contact Module

    Divi theme and builder is well know with wordpress. There are tons of sites are built in Divi theme. But there are some limits with their contact form but using Country State City Dropdown PRO you can show dynamic list of all Countries States and cities in Divi Contact form.

    Custom HTML/PHP Form

    Sometime we like to use custom contact form for our wordpress website but it’s hard to achieve dynamic state and cities list in this kind of forms. In this example you can see that we are using custom contact form and dynamic list of all countries, states and cities.


    Here are common questions/answers.

    Is your Country, State, City not in list?

    If specific State or City not in the list then user can simply choose ‘Other’ field and input their own state or city.

    Can i select country by default?

    YES , Admin can set any Default country from Plugin settings. Admin can set option to auto select country by user’s location.

    Can i change placeholder text for all fields?

    YES , you can modify placeholder like ‘select your country’, ‘select your City’ , ‘Select City’ .

    Can i select only few countries of my choice?

    YES, Admin can choose only specific countries to show in the form.

    Can this plugin show country according to IP address?

    YES , It works with GEO location.