Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of questions before buy the plugin. Category Ajax filter has more queries so we tried to cover these all in this section.

Is this plugin on yearly subscription based or lifetime?

Yes , For now you will get lifetime access of the PRO plugin. But after sometime we are planning to do Yearly subscription. But don’t worry it will not reflect to the old Clients, they will remain with lifetime access but for new users it will work only with Yearly subscription.

Can i show wooCommerce products with this filter?

No, it does not support WooCommerce products. But if you have any other Custom post type like projects/Portfolio/Events etc then you can easilt select and filter them with their categories/taxonomies.

Can we use multiple filters on the same page? I have different taxonomies and want to show on a single page!!

Yes, in PRO version you can use multiple filters on the same page with different color combination and layouts. Free version does not support multiple filters on same page. In free version you can use single filter shortcode on a page.

Can we select multiple taxonomies in PRO version. I want to build a filter with many taxonomy under its categories.

Yes our new 5.0 version of PRO supports to select multiple taxonomies with its terms/categories. You can make a filter with multiple taxonomies selection.

I have custom post type 'Books' and taxonomies too , will it support them? How can I use the plugin to filter that books like blogs?

Yes it supports Custom Post Types too. You just need to check the free version and also you can watch the video at

I used your Free version and its amazing. I want to use PRO features but may i know there is translate option available in PRO version. My language is French and i want to translate that default string like read more,dropdown filter text?

Thanks for appreciation. Yes , Translation setting is available in PRO version. You can easily manage them from admin control panel. You can change/translate that all default strings that we used in filter/post.

Can we select any default terms/category while page load first time?

Yes , in PRO version you can select any default term.

Can I modify the Post layout in PRO? I need to show ACF field's value in layout.

Yes you can easily modify the layout in PRO. Plugin has feature to overwrite the layout in theme’s folder. So you need to copy the layout in theme’s folder and then you can modify it. You can use ACF or any other data in post layout. It will not reflect upon plugin upgrade.

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